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Does any of this sound familiar to you?
You're learning Finnish and...

Join us in the Finking Cap Club

– a membership site for Finnish learners

As a member, you get access to:

Grammar courses

Want to learn the Finnish cases once and for all? Want to practise the word types and verb tenses? Are you ready for the Finnish participles? Get access to a growing library of grammar videos and exercises.

Practical Finnish lessons

  • Build up your vocabulary and learn new expressions topic by topic.
  • Improve your listening skills with the help of authentic Finnish content. You will learn to spot the differences between spoken and standard Finnish.
  • Read and listen to short stories in different learner levels, both in spoken and in standard Finnish, supported by images and annotations.

Discussion forum

Ask questions and chat about the courses with me and other learners – or practise writing in Finnish!

 Online group lessons

Join our regular Zoom meetups and practise your spoken Finnish! We have

  • a group for beginners/false beginners
  • a group for those who want to talk about Finnish TV-series and news articles – in Finnish, of course! There’s usually a task to complete beforehand.

At the moment, the lessons take place on Tuesdays (beginner/false beginner level) and Wednesdays at 7pm Finnish time. If you have any specific questions about the lessons, don’t hesitate to contact me via the form (scroll down).

What kind of content is there?

The Finking Cap Club will help you to:

Challenge yourself

by learning through real-life Finnish language content.

Make connections

between the spoken and standard varieties of Finnish

Learn nuances

by reading, listening and examining Finnish that is actually used

Scale your learning

by tackling grammar structures that make a difference

What my students say about the Finking Cap Club courses:

Finking Cap Club is for you if...

Membership Pricing


25 Monthly
  • All Finnish courses
  • Community
  • Online group sessions


225 Yearly
  • All Finnish courses
  • Community
  • A year of online group lessons
Save 75€


I sure do! I’m constantly adding to the content library.

Yes, of course! Please email me at with more details about your needs and whether you would like Zoom or Skype lessons to go with it.

You’ll keep the same price you signed up for if you stay on.

Yes, you either pay month by month or yearly, and you can cancel at the end of each payment period.

Usually 1 beginner/false beginner session per week, and 1 session for anyone who feels ready to discuss TV shows or articles in Finnish!

There may be weeks off with no lessons, but there may also be times when I offer extra sessions, for example to walk you through a particular lesson on the website.

Got questions? I'd love to hear from you!

You can also request for a Zoom or Skype meeting with me and have a look around the membership site.

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