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Does any of this sound familiar to you?

You’re learning Finnish and…

What if you had a place where you could learn practical and natural Finnish?

Join us in the Finking Cap Club

– a membership site for Finnish learners



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  • Access to all Finnish courses
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  • Access to all Finnish courses
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Moi! I'm Emmi, your online Finnish instructor.

Let me help you navigate your life in Finnish

I created the Finking Cap Club in 2019 so that I could provide content to Finnish learners who would like to learn the kind of Finnish that is actually used in Finland. I’ve experienced first-hand how important it is to have someone to ask even the smallest questions about language, and I can now be that person to you. Lämpimästi tervetuloa.

As a member of the Finking Cap Club, you get access to:

Content on practical Finnish

  • Build up your vocabulary and learn new (natural) Finnish expressions topic by topic. This is very useful if your aim is to pass the YKI test in the future.
  • Learn differences between spoken and standard Finnish so you can start to keep up with what your Finnish friends are saying.
  • Learn with the help of comprehensible input, which offers a challenge but comes with annotations and exercises.

Finnish grammar courses

Want to learn the Finnish case system once and for all? One of my most popular courses, Case by Case, will help you practice the Finnish cases one by one. Want to practice the word types and verb tenses? Are you ready for the Finnish participles? Discover my growing library of Finnish grammar tutorials and exercises!

Have a look inside the course on Finnish cases:

What kind of content is there?

Browse the different topics here:

The Finking Cap Club will help you to:

Challenge yourself

by learning through real-life Finnish language content.

Make connections

between the spoken and standard varieties of Finnish

Learn nuances

by reading, listening and examining Finnish that is used in the real world

Scale your learning

by tackling grammar structures that make a difference

What my students say about the Finking Cap Club courses:

Finking Cap Club is for you if...


I sure do! I’m constantly adding to the content library.

You can pay securely with PayPal or Stripe. A recurring payment will be set up. I will not have access to your payment details and I don’t store them anywhere, you are in control of them. When you cancel your subscription on your “My account” page, any future payments will be cancelled at the same time.

An email is NOT considered a cancellation. Please read the terms of service carefully. You are responsible for stopping and pausing your recurring payments when you wish to stop being a member.

Yes, you either pay monthly, every 6 months or yearly. The payments are automatic, and you can stop the recurring payments anytime. You will remain a member until the end of the paid period, so please be mindful of the date on which your payments go out.

An email is NOT considered a cancellation. Please read the terms of service carefully. You are responsible for stopping and pausing your recurring payments when you wish to stop being a member.

You’ll keep the same price you signed up for if you stay on. If you cancel your subscription and there has been a price change, the new price will apply if you come back.

Yes! Join for a month, see if you like it, and then save money by switching to the yearly option.

Yes, of course! Just talk to your employer and tell them you’ve found a flexible way to learn Finnish. I can send them an invoice for the yearly membership fee, or you can sign up for a monthly or a yearly subscription using a company payment card. Please email me at with more details.

If you need to book private lessons to go with the subscription, that is possible, too.

As a rule of thumb, the content is great for someone who has already completed a beginner’s course in Finnish and gone through, for example, Suomen Mestari 1 (a very widely used textbook series).

There is some content for beginners. If it’s your first time learning any Finnish at all and you’re planning to join, I recommend also getting some private Finnish lessons or finding group lessons that will get you started in speaking Finnish. It’s very important that you get to practice your speaking skills from the beginning.

Most of my courses are suitable for someone who is comfortable learning independently and who has already learned a few things about Finnish here and there.


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