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Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • You feel like you turn into a different person when you speak Finnish...
  • You feel like your Finnish could be more expressive...
  • You're struggling with the differences between spoken and standard Finnish...
  • You recognize Finnish words but find it hard to fully understand the deeper meaning of what you read and hear...
  • You wish you had someone to help you understand the real-world Finnish language!

I’ve been there with other languages! And there’s no magic pill. Fluency in another language takes more than just reading a textbook.

There’s plenty of audio, video and text out there in Finnish. But are you making the most of it? Are you getting all the juicy details like collocations, idioms and differences between the spoken and standard Finnish?

All those things that give your Finnish more personality?

Whenever I’ve had those lightbulb moments in language learning, there has been a native speaker friend who has tirelessly explained to me the peculiarities of the real-world language. I created Finking Cap Club so that I can be that helpful friend to Finnish learners.

Finking Cap Club

is an online membership for Finnish learners who want to learn Finnish through  language content that is a reflection of the real world.

 It’s an online school AND a community where your your instructor hangs out, too, answering your tricky questions about Finnish and keeping your motivation up! 

I'll help you learn how to use Finnish in more expressive ways, more like YOU.

How I will help you:

  • I'll provide real-life Finnish language content and help you understand it
  • I'll provide great grammar courses
  • I'll help you bridge the gap between the spoken and standard varieties
  • I'll help you apply and practise what you learn from the content provided
  • I'm there to answer your questions and dive in to the details
  • I'll help you make your Finnish more natural and idiomatic

Think of me as a Finnish instructor that walks around town with you (virtually), pointing out interesting Finnish words, getting you to practise them, interpreting conversations and helping you make sense out of the real language.

What's inside the Finking Cap Club?

For a monthly or a yearly membership fee, you get:

As a member of Finking Cap Club, you’ll get access to all my Finnish grammar courses. These include some basic courses like Case by Case (Finnish cases), Finnish Verb Types and Verb Tense Crash Course. I am constantly creating new grammar courses in order to provide a comprehensive material base for my learners.

This section includes small and digestable mini courses about the Finnish language. These include

  • collocations, which will help you identify different contexts for the same word
  • idioms and phrases for specific situations
  • those little characteristics of Finnish that you don’t always notice but that can really make a difference in the way you express yourself.

This section is not strictly divided by language level. It includes authentic, real-world video, audio and text content in Finnish: interviews, voice notes, conversations….

You will learn spoken Finnish as well as standard Finnish.

The Finking Cap Club community is a forum where you can discuss the courses with other Finnish learners and me, Emmi!


Of course! However, if you’re starting from scratch and feel overwhelmed, I suggest that you also get a textbook (Suomen Mestari 1, for example) to provide a good structure for yourself and to learn some basic vocabulary and phrases. While I do offer grammar courses that are suitable for beginners, the language content inside the membership is  mainly not organised by learner levels like they would be in book series. For example, the membership includes very few courses on basic phrases like “What’s your name?” and “Where do you live?”.

I definitely believe in textbooks and intensive language courses in the beginner stage, and I would never claim that my courses fully replace a good old systematic textbook. If you are taking beginner classe elsewhere, I would recommend using the membership content on the side. This will give you exposure to authentic and more advanced language right from the start. The membership is a unique opportunity to have someone (me) guide you through authentic language content, something that is not always possible in a regular language class.

One thing is for sure: you’ll need to be able to tolerate not understanding everything straight away.

I have plenty of experience and training under my belt. I have completed the basic and intermediate pedagogical studies (subject teacher, 60 credits, one full academic year) at the University of Helsinki. Before teaching Finnish, I got a TEFL certificate and taught English in summer schools and online. I’m an English major, but I fell in love with Finnish and chose it as my minor. I started teaching Finnish as soon as I could, and I’ve been honing my skills for several years now, mainly teaching adults. In addition to the groups I’ve taught, I’ve given hundreds of one-to-one classes. You’re in good hands!

Nope, you’ll keep the same price you signed up for! Right now, it’s early days of the Finking Cap Club, and the price is the lowest it will ever be. So get in now!

Finking Cap Club is for you if...

  • you enjoy examining authentic language material and learning from it
  • independent learning is your thing
  • you know learning a language requires a lot of work


Monthly membership: 15€ / month

Annual membership: 150€ / year 

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About me

  • I am Emmi, a Finn living in Helsinki.
  • I've survived a few culture shocks, having lived abroad for 8 years.
  • I've loved languages since I was little (didn't know I wanted to be a language teacher, though!), and I speak 5.
  • I walk and talk in my sleep (mostly in Finnish!).
  • My glass is always half full.
Emmi the Finnish instructor

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