Terms of service

Terms of service


If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding these terms of service, please contact us at:


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These terms of service are a binding contract between you and Finking Cap Languages, the owner of the Finking Cap services. By using the Finking Cap website and using an account created within the website, you accept these terms of service.

Use of the service


1. If you signed up for the subscription service, the Finking Cap Club:


2. If you purchased a standalone course (Case by Case):


Cancelling the recurring subscription service

Your customer data

Ideas and feedback

Please write to us if you see anything that could be improved or if something is not working right.

Modification of the services

We may make modifications to the services and will keep you informed via email or via the community within the services.


Links to other websites

Disclaimer of warranties

Choice of law and dispute resolution

Any controversy, dispute or claim arising out of related to these terms and conditions shall be settled under the Finnish law and in Finnish court.


If your actions or suspected actions cause us to get prosecuted, we reserve the right to seek indemnification from you.