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Tervetuloa Finking Cap Clubiin!

I’m Emmi, your online Finnish instructor. I’m delighted to have you here and hope that you’ll enjoy what my membership site has to offer.

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Head to the Community to talk to other Finnish learners and ask anything about the Finnish language. I’ll be around to answer questions, but if you know how to help another learner, please feel free to answer their question!

It’s important to note that a lot of the content at Finking Cap Club (apart from the Short Stories) is not aimed at any learner level specifically like textbooks are. The goal is to help you learn Finnish using real-word, everyday language that you encounter in Finland, which means that you may not find the same simple textbook phrases in the Finnish Content section as you would in a language textbook. If you are a complete beginner, I strongly recommend also following a Finnish textbook like Oma Suomi 1 (Tapaninen & Kuparinen), From Start to Finnish (White) or Suomen Mestari 1 (Gehring & Heinzmann).

I hope you enjoy learning Finnish with me. Please do ask in the community if you have any questions about the content.

For tech support, please email at emmi@finkingcap.com.

If you need to take a break from your Finnish studies, you can pause or stop your subscription here at My account. Please note that, as per the terms of service, an email is not considered a cancellation.

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